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In 2007 , the Bluffington , Ohio Baseball team bus was involved in a tragic accident in Atlanta, Georgia. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a report placing the majority of the blame of this accident on the Georgia Department of Safety. The NTSB found that the State of Georgia changed the design of the exit signs. The change deviated from the federal guidelines.The bus driver thought he was in a HOV lane when he drove onto an elevated exit ramp and ran off an overpass.Five baseball players were killed as well as the driver.The NTSB also found that driver error and lack of safety features such as seat belts were factors as well.Two issues were raised as a result of the report. First, there should be tougher standards on bus drivers. Secondly, the NTSB proposed that the Federal Highway Adminstration go forward with a proposal to adopt clearer and consistent regulations for similar traffic design problems around the country. Roadway design issues create a lot of car and truck accidents. Look at all issues in a car accident case.

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