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The Deer gun season opens tomorrow November 21, 2009. Hopefuly I will be in the woods. However, this time of year the deer are very active and often cross the road. I have actually hit a deer twice. They can really tear up a truck. Fortunately I was not injured but could have been.

Channel Five News in Nashville recently reported on the problem. Watch the video here.

Now what do you do? Hopefully you were not injuried. As with any accident document your damages. Take photos of the damage and dead deer at the scene. The insurance company will want proof that you hit a deer. In one of my cases the adjuster found deer hair in the crushed grill. That saved my claim. Report the claim to your insurance company as soon as possible. Call the TWRA to inform them of the incident. They probably will not investigate, however, you have made a record.

If you eat venision like I do, prerserve the good part instead of letting it go to waste. In Tennessee we have a "road Kill" law found at TCA 70-4-115. It states

(c) Motorists are not required to report game accidentally killed by the operation of a motor vehicle. Notwithstanding any other provision of the law to the contrary, wild animals accidentally killed by a motor vehicle may be possessed by any person for personal use and consumption; except that, first, personal possession of a deer accidentally killed by a motor vehicle is permitted only if the person notifies the wildlife resources agency or any law enforcement officer within a reasonable time not to exceed forty-eight (48) hours and supplies that person’s name and address; and second, personal possession of a bear accidentally killed by a motor vehicle is permitted only when authorized by an enforcement officer of the wildlife resources agency and the person is issued a kill tag. In deer-kill notification situations where a law enforcement officer rather than someone with the wildlife resources agency is notified, the law enforcement officer or the officer’s designee shall be responsible for notifying someone with the wildlife resources agency and supplying the information relevant to the deer-kill.

Keep a sharp lookout. Scan to the sides of the road. If you see a deer cross in front of you there will likely be another one so slow down.

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  1. Gravatar for Jan Boswell

    Thanks,George. I saw a deer crossing a busy road in my town last week. I have had a close call with a deer several times. Now I know what to do if I hit one.

    Enjoy your weekend in the woods.

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