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Yamaha Rhino Accident Cases(2)

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Our office is now investigating Yamaha Rhino accident cases. Yamaha Rhinos are all terrain vehicles where a driver and passenger sit side by side. In September 2006, Yamaha issued a warning letter to all owners. The warning stated “if you are in a situation where the vehicle is tipping over, do not put your arm or leg outside the vehicle to try to stop it.You could be severely injured.You could suffer a crushed foot,arm,leg,or hand if part of your body is caught underneath the vehicle.” The problem is that turning the Rhino at less than 20 miles per hour makes it impossible to keep your hands and legs inside the Rhino.

Yamaha announced recently that they were making design modifications.The modifications would include adding doors and passenger handholds. The design changes was not fast enough to prevent a number of serious accidents involving crushing injuries and amputations. Too little too late.