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Claim Filed Againist San Francisco Zoo

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A claim has been filed againist the San Francisco Zoo by two brothers who were attacked by an escaped tiger. A friend of theirs was killed by the tiger. The brothers are alleging the zoo was negligent in preventing the animal attack. Dog bite cases and animal cases are common in Tennessee . What is the law in Tennessee on dog bite cases or animal cases ?

Generally, the owner of a domesticated animal may be liable for the harm the animal causes if he or she negligently failed to prevent the harm. The owner cannot let the animal run at large. Also, the owner must use reasonable measures to capture an escaped animal. In my practice , I have handled numerous animal cases from dog bite cases , escaped pig cases, and horse cases. The most tragic case our office has handled is where a pot bellied pig escaped and knocked over an elderly man walking on the roadway. It caused some serious injuries due to the owner’s negligence. Pets are wonderful , but be a responsible pet owner .