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Metro Nashville Employees Not Covered by Workers Compensation

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Before , I went to law school . I worked in Dickson,Tennessee, My boss had a saying “if your green your growing when your ripe your done”. The moral is always keep learning.I discovered a twist in the law that I thought I would share. The Metropolitan Government of Nashville is exempted from the workers compensation law. Metro provides benefits if your are injured in the line of duty, but you are free to pursue other remedies. First , you can sue a third party if they caused the accident. Such as , you are driving a Metro car and another driver runs the stop light and is at fault in the accident. The new thing I learned is that you can also sue Metro Nashville. If Metro Government of Nashville is negligent ,you can sue the city for damages . However, Metro Nashville will be entitled to a set-off for any medical bills or lost wages they paid. So,Metro Nashville Employees are not covered by workers compensation, but they do have other rights.