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Rob McKinney
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Palin E-mails , The Right of Privacy, and The Internet

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A student at the University of Tennessee is alleged to hacked into Governor Palin’s emails. It also happens in divorce cases that one spouse will look at private emails as well. Tennessee has enacted some tough laws to prevent invasion of privacy of electronic communication. Tennessee Code Annotated section 39-13-603 provides civil damages for unauthorized email interceptions. It provides for damages to personal or business reputation,statutory damages of $100.00 per day or $10,000.00 whichever is greater, punitive damages, and attorney fees. I was not aware of this statute even existed until I did some research on the issue. Our office is now accepting cases to protect ones right to privacy of their emails and other types of electronic communication. As Governor Palin realizes emails should stay private and there are laws to protect that privacy. I wonder if your boss snoops on your email?