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Trucking Law Seminar

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I had to work a full time job while I was in law school to support myself , my wife and our first child . My boss had a good southern phrase , ” When your green your growing , when your ripe , your done”. It means you always need to learn to improve your skills or you will become stale and dated . With that in mind , I attended a seminar this past weekend on tractor trailer or 18 wheeler lawsuits sponsored by the American Association for Justice . I also enrolled our head paralegal and one of our investigators in the seminar. I am going to devote the upcoming posts on some of the topics that was dicscussed . The first concept is that you cannot treat a truck accident case like a car wreck case . Why ? A tractor trailer accident is complex both in legal and fact issues . A truck is designed differently from a car and federal truck laws can be used to establish liability . More on the federal truck laws tomorrow.