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Truck Accident Litigation

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Last Friday , I attended a seminar on Tractor trailer accident litigation . I thought I would mention the topics today and write about the topics over the next few days . There was an indepth review of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations . A lawyer who handles these cases must know these vital rules . I know I keep my copy on my desk. Truck driver fatique was discussed . The amount of truck accidents caused by driver fatique range from 2% and as high as 58%. A trucking insider gave a presentation on the internal workings of a trucking company and what documents a lawyer needs to review . Two jury consultants spoke about various issues in trucking litigation . The last topic was back up truck cases . I found this one the most important to me as I have two back up truck accident cases that are in litigation now . Knowledge is the key to winning cases . You cannot have enough . Remember , if you have any questions please post your questions .

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