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Should Illegal Trucking Practices be Monitored

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One function of government is to insure and protect the safety of it’s citizens . Trucking companies that ignore the safety rules should be watched , fined , or shut down .The public needs these trucks to transport the goods we need and the majority of the truck drivers are lawabiding folks . What should the government do ? Recently , the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminstration proposed a rule requiring trucking companies charged with two serious hours-of-service review violations in a two year period to equip their entire fleet with electronic on-board recorders , or black-boxes , for two years to track a driver’s status . This rule is great proposal , but I would bet a coke it never passes under the present adminstration . Also , most trucks now have GPS devices that can determine the hours of service that the driver is driving .The purpose is to prevent driver fatique and fatal accidents . Little is being done to protect our safety on the highways .