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Preparing for your Deposition

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After your lawsuit is filed and written discovery is completed , one of the first things to happen is your deposition will be taken . A deposition is a formal question and answer session that is either videotaped or taken by a court reporter . The insurance attorney is trying to find out the details of the case such as liabilty and your damages. I would like to you you some general advice in preparing for your deposition .

First rule , always tell the truth . That is the first rule and only rule that truly matters .The second rule is you can not win your case at the deposition . You can only lose it . Your job is to show the other attorney that you are going to be a great witness and the jury will believe you . Review all the paperwork in your case the night and day before such as your medical records , the complaint , and your written discovery . Ther is no subsitute for preparation . Make sure you understand the question . Finally , if you do not know the answer it is acceptable to state ” I do not know”.