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Investigating The Truck Accident case

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Every day in the United States , there are around 16,000 car accidents . Traffic accidents involving commerical vechicles and tractor trailer trucks are confusing , complex , and overwhelming to both police and those injured . The first step in these truck cases is the accident report . All states have a mandated accident report form. The accident report form may be only the first step in the reporting or investigative phase of a serious accident .The accident report provides criteria for assigning contributing factors of the accident to the drivers , vehicles , or the operating enviroment . Some police officers do not want to get involved in a lawsuit or other dispute . So, they leave this spot blank or do not provide any narrative of what happened . I have never seen this on a Tennesse Highway Trooper report . The Highway Patrol has more training in working traffic accidents than local law enforcement . The first building block of the truck accident case is a careful and detailed review of the accident report .