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What Type of Evidence Do You Need To Prove Your Slip and Fall Case

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Slip and and fall cases commonly referred to as premises liability are difficult cases. You must have some powerful evidence to win. In slip and fall cases , the superior knowledge of the condition of the premises possessed by the owner triggers liability. Before the owner of the property is liable for negligently allowing a dangerous condition to exist on the premises, one must establish one of the following:”1) the condition was caused or created by the owner,operator,or his agent,or (2) if the condition was created by someone other than the owner, operator , and or his agent that the the owner had actual or constructive notice that the condition existed prior to the accident. This basic principle of personal injury law was reaffirmed in the recent case of Berry v Houchens Market of Tennessee,Inc. Therefore , the crucial evidence you need is to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the condition that caused the fall and injury.