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Fire Safety in Nursing Homes(2)

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Yesterday , I was discussing fire safety in nursing homes , such as the smoke alarm requirements , sprinklers , and the fire drills . Later , I discovered the State of Tennessee requires internet posting of whether these safety devices are present in nursing homes . The board for licensing health care facilities shall post on the official state of Tennessee website on the internet ( www.state.tn.us) the names of every nursing home , residential home for the aged , and assisted-care living facility regulated pursuant to this chapter and indicate whether such facility has a fire suppression sprinkler system throughout
the facility or a smoke detector or alarm in each patient room . See Tennessee Code Annotated Section 68-11-258.

If you have problems finding the site , make a post and I will help you locate it . I became concerned about fire safety after handling some smoke detector cases . I even joined a national fire safety orgainization . I hope you find this information helpful in keeping our seniors safe .