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Rob McKinney
Rob McKinney
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Big Business Controls Justice in Tennessee

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Big Business has taken over the court system. First , the nursing home industry is pushing for damage caps on nursing home lawsuits. The nursing home groups want to put a $ 500,000 monetary cap on nursing home lawsuits. This proposal comes when the nursing home care is at an alltime low in terms of quality patient care. Second , the Bush Adminstration is pushing for the appointment of a political hack as Judge in the Federal District Court here in Nashville. I am sure he is a fine man , but he has no trial experience . He has two qualifications .One , he worked for several Republican politicans. Two, he works for a private prison company that gets sued a lot. It appears that he has never set foot in the courtroom. How can someone run a trial if they have never been there before ? I just read the new John Grisham ‘s new book ,The Appeal. Now fiction becomes fact.