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How Do You Determine Who Is At Fault In A Car Accident Case ?

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There are two primary ways to determine fault in a car or truck accident case. First, a driver may be liable for the accident due to negligence which is harder to prove. More on that in a later post. The second way to prove fault is a violation of a statute or law. It is commonly referred to as negligence per se. The State of Tennessee has created a code of conduct for driving cars, trucks , and motorcycles. It is commonly referred to as ” The Rules of the Road”. Some cities and counties also have additional rules of the road. A driver’s violation of a statue may provide a basis for providing liability. Once the police or state trooper investigates the car or truck accident , he or she will make a determination if one of these rules have been violated. A violation of these rules usually decides who is liable for the car accident. If the other driver is at fault, suggest to the officer that a traffic ticket be issued. It helps prove your case.