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Vermont Mail Carrier Wins $25,000 in Dog Bite Lawsuit

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Despite the fact he asked for more than $100,000, the attorney for a Vermont mail carrier is happy with the $25,000 verdict his client received in a dog bite lawsuit last week. Sharon Crosby suffered a dog bite while on her route in 2001.

Joseph Brown’s 4 year-old German Shepherd got loose and bit Crosby on the hand and leg as she was attempting to deliver mail to the home.

Crosby was out of work about five weeks recovering from injuries suffered in the dog attack, her attorney said.

Brown agreed to have the dog, Shiloh, put down after the attack.

McClallen (Crosby’s attorney) said Crosby suffered scarring on her leg and her right hand as well as intolerance to cold in part of her hand.

The jury awarded Crosby just under $5000 to cover her medical expenses, $5000 to cover future expenses, and $15,000 in pain and suffering.

The Rutland (VT) Herald has the full dog bite article.