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A Visit To The Emergency Room

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Last weekend , I traveled out of town with my son , Joseph, for a baseball tournament. Joseph plays for the Nashville Diamonds Baseball Club . I really enjoy watching him play and spending time with him at these tournaments. On Saturday, he was pitching when a line drive came back to the mound and hit him in the head. As he fell to the ground, I realized every parent’s nightmare. Your child has been injured and you cannot do anything about.

We rode in an ambulance to the emergency room not knowing what was ahead. It had been a long time since I had been to an emergency room and I forgot the raw emotions of uncertainty. A CT scan was ordered and the film was send to some unknown doctor in some unknown place. I watched eagerly at the computer screen trying to see anything. Luckily , everything was fine except a few tears shed by both of us and a big knot on his head. Driving home on Father’s day , I thought of those emotions of not knowing , nervousness , and being anxious. I rediscovered the process when a loved one is hurt and injured. The trip to the emergency room made me recommit myself to my clients to do my best to put the pieces back together after an accident.