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Shape Ups, MBT, New Balance: The Truth About Toner Shoes

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According to industry analysts, toner shoes are the fasted growing segment of the shoe industry with exponential sales growth and over 60 varieties available on the market led by Skechers with their Shape Ups verson. Toner shoes are rocker bottom shoes which are marketed as a way to get in shape while going about one’s daily business, with the shoes doing the work. Fitness experts agree, however there are no short cuts to fitness and a study by the American Council on Exercise reveals that the claimed fitness benefits simply don’t exist. Further, the shoes may very well be causing injuries to consumers lured by exaggerated claims from companies eager to gain a share of this expanding market segment. The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine states that the increased ankle movement required by these shoes puts creates strain on the achilles and may put those with achilles issues at particular risk for injury. Individuals with balance issues may also be at increased risk for injury from falls while wearing toner shoes. Consumer Reports weighs in on toner shoes here.

If you have suffered a lower leg injury which may be related to the use of toner shoes, contact a qualified attorney to discuss your potential case.