Nashville, Tennessee


John Lowery

Indiana Stage Collapse: Who's At Fault?

Tragedy has struck the Indiana State Fair. Failure to adequately secure a concert stage rigging caused its collapse in the face of strong winds just before the country music duo Sugarland was to…

George Fusner

Tragic Wreck On HWY 49 E Cheatham County

The Tennessean reported a fatal wreck that killed an elderly couple December 9, 2009 on Highway 49 E in Cheatham County near the Dickson County line. Bennie and Elsie Vandgrift were killed when a…

George Fusner

Two Killed in a Collision Near Springfield 9/17/2009

Two people are dead after a head-on collision in Robertson County. It happened around 7:30 p.m. Thursday night on Highway 49 outside of Springfield. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, one of…

George Fusner

I-440 Onto I-24 Killed Driver Indentified

The Driver killed this morning September 14, 2009 when his SUV flipped over the guardrail on I-440 and I-24 has been identified by Metro Police according to the Tennessean. According to the police…

George Fusner

Johnny Kindle Charged with Killing Kelly McQuate On I-24

A grand jury has indicted Johnny Kindle with vehicular homicide in connection with a wrong-way crash on I-24.
Earlier this year on March 24th, Kelly and Mark McQuate were heading home (from…

George Fusner

Brandon Walker of Chapmansboro Electrocuted

The Nashville police announce the idenity of the man killed last week working in Nashville. Another tragedy. Did Mr. Walker leave a wife, children, other family members? I don’t know. If he did and…

George Fusner

Recent Nashville Accident Deaths Reminds Us to Drive Safely

Two recent accidents in Nashville remind us of the importance of driver safety. In the first accident, William McGuire, 23, was killed when riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a friend. The…

George Fusner

Taser Officers Found Not Liable

The Tennessean this morning reported the verdict in the tragic death of a 21 year old who was tasered 19 times by Metro Officers. I will not be lengthy in this post since I know the defense lawyer…

George Fusner

I-40 McCrory Lane Death Due to DUI

News Channel 2 and the Tennessean reported the death of a young woman on Interstate 40 at McCrory Lane early Wednesday Morning May 6, 2009. According to the reports a man from Centerville named Ian…

Rob McKinney

Fire and Explosion Cases

This week is fire prevention week . For some reason, October is the month with the largest number of house fires. Let’s review a couple of safety tips. Cooking causes the largest number of…