Nashville, Tennessee


George Fusner

Forklift Safety Is Serious Business

Last week I wrote about Brandon Walker from Chapmansboro who was killed while operating a fork lift in Nashville. Did you know that every three days someone is killed in a forklift related accident?…

George Fusner

Catastrophic Workplace Injuries-The Role of the Plaintiff Personal Injury Attorney

I was doing some research today after posting on the death of a worker by electrocution. I ran across an interesting article written for industry on what to do and what not to do. What struck me as…

Rob McKinney

Farm and Tree Nursery Workers Exempt From Workers Compensation

Today, I went to McMinnville ,Tn for a deposition in a case . The tree and shrub nursery industry is big business in Warren County ,Tennessee. The point is that farm workers which includes…

Rob McKinney

Metro Nashville Employees Not Covered by Workers Compensation

Before , I went to law school . I worked in Dickson,Tennessee, My boss had a saying "if your green your growing when your ripe your done". The moral is always keep learning.I discovered a…

Rob McKinney

Workers Compensation Tip

As any worker in Tennessee knows, Governor Bredesen and the Tennessee Legislature gutted workers compensation . They changed the laws for big business. Caps are in place on most injuries…

Rob McKinney

Crane Safety Issues In Construction Site Accident Cases

Recently, crane safety has been in the news after several deaths . Crane inspections are controlled by the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration. Funny , but they do not ever…

Rob McKinney

Injured Railroad Worker Wins on Appeal

Andrew Blackburn was thrown from a rail carand was seriously injured.He sued his employer , CSX Transportation Inc., under the Federal Employee Liability Act that protects the railroad workers. A…

Rob McKinney

Construction Explosion Accident Hurts Fourteen

A explosion rocked a hotel under construction in San Diego. Fourteen workers were injured with five critically injured. Most of the workers were treated for burn injuries. Construction…