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Using Demonstrative Evidence To Win Your Case

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Demonstrative evidence is visual evidence which helps tell your story to the jury . In todays world , it is much easier to show a jury what happened rather than tell them what happened . We are rapidly becoming a more visual society . Diagrams of the accident scene is an excellant tool to illustrate what happened . Sometimes investigators or artists can recreate the scene , however I think your own drawing has more effect . It does not look too slick .You know more of the details than anyone else . Here are some suggestions for your car or truck accident diagram .

Go back to the scene to look for all the details at the accident location . Make sure you list all street names and points of direction . Place the postion of the vehicles at their starting point and where they ended up . You should include all obstructions to vision , traffic controls , and any measurements . The diagram should be done as soon as possilbe after the accident while it is fresh in your mind . If your case has to be tried show and tell almost always beats tell .