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Starting Your Case

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I have handled cases from a rearend car crash to a wrongful death case invoving a tractor trailor truck.A small claim is just as important to me as a big case , because I like to help people recover from something they did not cause or create . Insurance companies drag their feet in settling cases.How can you get the case moving faster ?

I finally rethought my process for handling a minor traffic accident . File suit as soon as possible . The reason is that it speeds up the process . I used to send the insurance company the information about the claim . They would review it and it would delay the process because the insurance company would always nitpick the claim . I have a case right now where they are arguing over whether my client needs dentures because his teeth were knocked out in the car crash. Now , I file suit as soon as possible . The General Sessions Court of Nashville Davidson County Tennessee has jurisdiction to hear cases with limits of $25,000.00 as of September 1,2006 . You can file your suit quickly and attach your medical bills up to $4000.00 . Under our current law , those medical bills will be presumed to be reasonable and necessary for your treatment . Let’ s get the case moving faster.So you can have your day in court .