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Nashville Cab Driver Goes Beserk part II

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Earlier today , I wrote about a Nashville cab driver that chased his passengers down with his car . The driver hit one of the young men who suffered a broken ankle as well as other injuries . The cab driver , Ibrahim Ahmed , has a history of run ins with the police for erractic behavior while operating his cab . United Cab spokesperson stated they did not know of his prior problems and failed to check his record .This brings up the issue of neligent hiring practices . A negligent hiring claim can be maintained if a company should have investigated an employee but failed to do so and then hired them . For example , hiring a cab driver or truck driver without a valid drivers license could be considered a negligent hiring claim . Metropolitian Transportation Licensing Commission regulates taxi cab drivers here in Nashville. It appears they gave him a permit wihout a hearing . When I first heard of this incident it just struck me as odd , there appears to be more to this story than meets the eye .