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Hulk Hogan Sued for Son's Car Accident

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Wrestler Hulk Hogan was sued in Florida by the family of a man who was critically injured in an accident involving Hogan’s son. It is alleged that the Hulkster knew his son liked to speed and race other drivers. The purpose of the post today is when can a parent be sued for the acts of his child.

The Family Pupose Doctrine is one instance a parent can be sued for his child’s actions. Under the Family Purpose Doctrine , the head of the household who maintains a car or motor vehicle for the general use of the family can be liable for the negligence of any member of the family driving the vehicle provided the driver received express or implied consent. Two elements must be met. First, The head of household must provide a car for the purpose of providing pleasure or comfort of the family. Secondly, the driver of the car must be using the car in in furtherance of that purpose with the permission of the owner.