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How Much is Your Case Worth

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Yesterday , I wrote on evaluating your case . There many factors that go into that process . In deciding how much your case is worth , three things are important to insurance defense attorneys .The total amount of your economic damages .Economic damages are your medical bills and your lost wages . Second , the impression you give at your deposition is very important . I will write about that on Monday . Finally , the past jury awards are taken into account . It is important to find out what the juries have been awarding . The location of the case is important . So it is important to research the last verdicts in that county. A case may be worth more in Maury , Marshall , Rutherford , or Sumner County than Davidson and Williamson Counties . A great resource in Nashville is the Circuit Court Clerk. Richard Rooker publishes the Rooker Report which reports all jury verdicts in Nashville , Davidson county Tennessee.